Lead Architect

I believe all of life's problems can be simplified and answered. Solving problems and making lives better is what I live for. I enjoy using React and Elixir because they make it easy to simplify logic into understandable, functional paradigms.

I am a father of three girls and a boy. I enjoy running and playing video games. I am very excited that I just entered the diamond leaugue in StarCraft.

Work Experience

 - Lead Architect
Aug 2017
- Present
  • Designed and built initial prototype within month deadline and tight budget.
  • Develop frontend framework using react and styled-components.
  • Develop backend api using Elixir and Pheonix framework.
  • Scale application as comapny grew from 0 to over 500 clients.
  • Developed authorization platform to provide dynamic custom rights for each user.
  • Work remote. Communicate with all team members via slack.
  • Manage distributed deployment processes.
 - Lead UI/UX Developer
Jan 2016
- Present
  • Developed multi-stepped conversion of existing Rails app to Elixir.
  • Converted an existing Ember app to React.
  • Connected a signature platform to WebSockets to show apartment owners when applicants were signing their lease real-time from the property list page.
  • Manage a team of developers including training of code-camp graduates.
  • Keep the app up to date with all the latest security and technology updates.
  • Built 10 Elixir apps to assist internal teams to do their jobs more easily.
  • Built a theming tool using styled-components that allows deeply nested color tree for unique cusomization at any level of user experience. All descendant colors were calculated for perfect contrast.
  • Build custom component library in react to enforce design standards set forth by the company style guide.
 - Senior Web Developer
Oct 2014
- Dec 2015
  • Build various apps for companies on a contract basis.
  • Consulted with local companies about architecture and development processes.
 - Senior Web Developer
Aug 2014
- Oct 2014
  • Updated and converted current PHP systems.
 - Senior Web Developer
Mar 2012
- Oct 2014
SEO Uncloaked
 - Web Developer
May 2011
- May 2012
  • Developed various web sites and apps on a contract basis.
Boxcar Creative
 - Web Developer
Jan 2010
- Apr 2011
 - Web Developer
Mar 2008
- Dec 2009